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Reducing Insurance Premiums

When was the last time you evaluated your budget? A few months ago, I took a good, hard look at my finances, and I realized that I was spending a boatload on insurance premiums. I knew that I needed to cut down my spending, so I started talking with my insurance agent. The agent was incredibly kind and caring, and he walked me through a variety of hypothetical scenarios to help me to make things right. I was really impressed with how awesome the experience was, and I was able to save a lot of money on my premiums. This blog is all about reducing insurance costs.


Tips For Switching Medigap Policies

30 January 2017
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If you are thinking about switching Medigap policies because you don't think that your current Medigap plan is serving you as well as you would like, you might not know the best way to go about researching additional plans and finding the best plan for your needs. Here are some tips for switching Medigap policies so that the process is as easy as possible for you and so that you are not lacking coverage for any length of time. Read More …

Three Things You’ll Need To Become A Landscape Contractor

12 October 2016
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Do you love working outdoors? Maybe you also like working with trees, flowers, and a variety of other types of plants. If you have thought about turning your passion into a business, and want to become a landscape contractor, here are three things you will need. Landscaping Equipment If you're going to be working in people's yards, you're going to need certain equipment that will help you do a good job, and do it in a timely manner. Read More …

The Garage-Based Martial Arts Teacher’s Guide To Extra Liability And Home Insurance Considerations

28 September 2016
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Homeowner's insurance may very well be the one and only thing capable of saving a property owner's financial well-being in the event someone is seriously injured on the premises. The possible scenarios in which a person may be injured certainly vary and it would be a mistake to assume all situations are automatically  covered under a policy. A homeowner who loves the martial arts and chooses to teach and train friends in his/her garage for fun should avoid making assumptions about liability coverage. Read More …

Car-Insurance Tips for Roadtrips

22 September 2016
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Planning a road trip often means checking maps, making sure you are packing everything, and poring over guidebooks. Yet, one of the most important investments for your trip, your car insurance, is often overlooked. The following tips will help you better understand how your insurance coverage can protect you when you are far from home. Tip #1: Know the driver requirements As a general rule, most car insurance covers the vehicle, not the driver. Read More …

What To Do After Your Car Is Vandalized

8 September 2016
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Walking out in the morning to a vandalized car can be disheartening at best. Whether it's broken windows, paint damage, or something else, your first thoughts will likely be about the cost of repairs. Fortunately, if you have full insurance coverage, the damage may very well be covered. The following guide can help you get the correct payout so you can repair your car. File a police report Most insurance agencies require a police report in order to begin processing your claim, so your first call should be to the local police and not to you insurance agent. Read More …