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Reducing Insurance Premiums

When was the last time you evaluated your budget? A few months ago, I took a good, hard look at my finances, and I realized that I was spending a boatload on insurance premiums. I knew that I needed to cut down my spending, so I started talking with my insurance agent. The agent was incredibly kind and caring, and he walked me through a variety of hypothetical scenarios to help me to make things right. I was really impressed with how awesome the experience was, and I was able to save a lot of money on my premiums. This blog is all about reducing insurance costs.


What To Do After Your Car Is Vandalized

8 September 2016
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Walking out in the morning to a vandalized car can be disheartening at best. Whether it's broken windows, paint damage, or something else, your first thoughts will likely be about the cost of repairs. Fortunately, if you have full insurance coverage, the damage may very well be covered. The following guide can help you get the correct payout so you can repair your car. File a police report Most insurance agencies require a police report in order to begin processing your claim, so your first call should be to the local police and not to you insurance agent. Read More …

Three Things You Must Do Before Offering A New Insurance Genre

24 August 2016
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Most insurance agents become insurance agents to be able to help out the general public. Everyone needs some type of insurance to protect themselves, their property, and their family. When a person needs to file an insurance claim, they want to have a good experience in what is likely a hectic and anxiety filled time. For this reason, insurance agents must have comprehensive knowledge of insurance and the claims process. If you are an independent insurance agent and you are interested in dipping into another branch of insurance, here are three things that you must do before offering these to your customer. Read More …

Three Things To Know About Worker’s Compensation

4 August 2016
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If you're filing your first claim for an injury at work, it's important to understand exactly what the process will entail. For example, just because you file a claim doesn't automatically qualify you for benefits. You'll still have to have your claim evaluated and approved. Here's a look at a few things that you should understand about worker's compensation claims before you file. Your Claim Might Be Denied Some people mistakenly believe that submitting the claim means automatic approval. Read More …

Insuring Highly Modified Cars

22 July 2016
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If you put a lot of work into upgrading a car, your standard insurance policy may not cover the value of the equipment you install in your car. Still, if you sink several thousand dollars into your stereo system, you want to make sure that you can get your money back out of the system if you should get into an accident. To insure modified cars, you typically have to stray from the standard insurance policy. Read More …

Get The Most Out Of Your Life Insurance Coverage By Adding Riders

29 June 2016
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Life insurance is a financial umbrella that every adult should have in order to avoid monetary woes after a catastrophic circumstance such as death or disability. A standard life insurance policy will pay your family or beneficiary a set sum of money after your death. However, you can enhance your protection by adding riders to your insurance policy to make sure that your family will not be left penniless in case you die or suffer from a long-term disability. Read More …