4 Times You Should Hire A Public Adjuster

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4 Times You Should Hire A Public Adjuster

7 September 2022
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Public adjuster services are available whenever someone wants a second opinion regarding an insurance claim. Given the insurance company will send its own adjuster, you might wonder why you should also invest in one. Folks confronted with these four problems should ask a public adjuster to look at their claims.

High Values at Stake

One of the simplest reasons for getting your own adjuster is that there is lots of money at stake. If you're looking at a claim where even a small difference of opinion between you and the insurance company could mean thousands or millions of dollars, there's a strong argument for getting it right. Commercial claims and even larger residential claims can fit in this category. Someone taking a total loss on their house following a catastrophe, for example, will want to know they're going to get every dollar of compensation their policy paid for.

Complex Processes

Some insurance claims processes can get very complex. For example, there might be questions about which policies cover specific events. The difference between the maximum compensation on one policy versus the other could be significant, too. A public adjuster can look at the policies and damage to determine which terms are applicable and how much the insurer should cover. This can help you to submit a more detailed claim and to protect your interests.

Insurer Doesn't Accept Liability

One of the worst possible scenarios involves the insurer rejecting a claim because they don't have liability under the policy. People who live in hurricane and flood zones often encounter this problem. They might have storm insurance, but not flood coverage because the property is deemed uninsurable. An insurer might assert the damage arose from the flooding and not the storm.

In this case, a public adjuster would assess whether the damage was from the storm. If so, you might ask the insurer to resume negotiations pending the threat of a lawsuit.

Slow Pace

The insurance company has a duty to investigate a claim and make a determination in a reasonable timeframe. If the insurer is dawdling about getting a claim moving, you have the right to submit the claim. Absent the insurance adjuster's opinion, though, you'll need a report from a qualified professional. You can have a public adjuster services provider conduct the investigation, develop supporting documents and reports, and prepare a letter detailing the damages and why the policy should cover your losses.

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