Will Auto Insurance Cover Auto Accident-Related Pet Injuries?

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Will Auto Insurance Cover Auto Accident-Related Pet Injuries?

28 June 2016
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Your pet is like your child. When it's injured, you want to do everything possible to make life easier for it. Will your pet's injuries sustained from an auto accident be covered by your auto insurance coverage? The short answer is yes, but there are a few conditions and catches.

Vet Bills Covered

The costs for the vet bills will be covered by your policy, and this is usually regardless of fault. However, if the accident was someone else's fault, there are chances that you can claim through their insurance like you would with any other injuries sustained. You will need to have proof of the costs.

Net Quote says that $1,000 is the coverage for pet injuries, so any costs after that would be out of your own pocket. You may need to fall back on your pet insurance to ensure all injuries are covered.

Only Certain Animals

In many cases, there are only certain animals covered by the auto insurance policies. These are animals that are commonly taken as passengers and tend to suffer the most serious injuries. Unfortunately, smaller animals tend to be killed rather than injured during serious accidents. Dogs and cats are traditionally covered. If you have any other pets, you will need to check specifically with your insurer to see if you are covered.

Only If It Wasn't Your Fault

While some insurance companies will cover your pet's injuries regardless of fault, there are others that will only cover in the event of someone else's fault. You'll need to arrange a copy of the police report to be sent to your insurer, or discussions between the insurance companies. Your insurer may even push for the other person's cover unless it was an uninsured driver.

It is important to check the fine print of your cover to make sure you will be protected financially for your pet's injuries. There may be other stipulations, like taking all possible precautions to prevent injury in the event of an accident.

While your dog or cat is your best friend and family member, according to the law they are property, so some insurers won't cover the costs of your vet bills. It really will depend on who you insure your car with and the type of policy that you take. If you are concerned, the next time you switch, discuss this coverage with the company you consider opting for to make sure your best friend is protected. Contact a company like ESI Insurance Agency for more information.