Things You Never Knew Car Insurance Would Cover

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Things You Never Knew Car Insurance Would Cover

28 June 2016
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When you get a car insurance policy, you know it will protect you in the event of an accident. The policy will pay out if someone else's car is damaged due to your fault. Did you know it won't just protect against car repairs? Here are five other things your car insurance will potentially cover.

Pet Injuries

Pets travel in cars, and many don't wear seatbelts. If you're involved in an accident, they run the risk of the worst injuries. Your car insurance may cover them, but you will need to check your policy. It may be something you need to add onto your basic policy, and there will be limits to the amount paid out in the event of a crash.

Replacing Car Seats

After a crash, your car seats will need to be replaced. This is an expensive job, especially if you have multiple small children. Many insurance companies will now cover the cost of replacing these since it is a necessity. Even if it doesn't look like your car seat is damaged, including it in your claim. The plastic's integrity will be weakened and compromised from the collision.

Legal Costs Afterward

Many policies will cover legal costs, especially if you need to defend yourself after a car crash. Most accidents would end up in court, but some will if your insurance policy doesn't cover all the costs or your crash causes death or serious injury. Look at the policies for notes about defending  or settling as viewed as appropriate by the insurer.

Pothole Damage

When your vehicle is damaged due a pothole you couldn't avoid, you don't need to foot the bill yourself. Your insurer will cover the costs for you. Factors will be considered, such as the size of the pothole, the speed you were driving at and the positioning of it. You will also be able to claim for the damage against those in charge of ensuring the roads are safe to drive on.

Animal Damage

Whether you hit an animal or one chews through cables, your insurer will cover the costs of this damage to get your car back to being roadworthy. There may be some exclusions, depending on whether your car has been stored at an address you haven't stated on your policy.

You'll be surprised what is covered by your car insurance. Take the time to read through your policy, so you're prepared the next time you suffer damage or costs that you can't afford. Contact a local provider, such as D A Insurance Brokers, for further assistance.