When Might You Need Proof Of SR22 Insurance Coverage

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When Might You Need Proof Of SR22 Insurance Coverage

27 June 2016
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SR22 insurance is not really a special type of insurance in terms of what is covered or the benefits that you have. It is an insurance that is for people who must have their insurance company send proof of coverage to the state in order to remain covered. To understand more, take a moment to review the types of scenarios people may have found themselves in that would cause their state officials to want that extra proof of insurance coverage.

You've Received More Than More DUI Violation

If you have received more than one DUI violation, whether your license was taken away for a period of time or not, you may be required by the state to show proof of insurance coverage for a set period of time. This is important to the state because generally, when you have a lot of DUI violations on your record, the cost of your insurance is going to be very high. Some people might try to skip out on having insurance in order to save money, but the state cannot allow that if you are going to have a registered vehicle on the road.

You Were At Fault For An Accident Without Insurance

It is important to have auto insurance so you are legally protected in the event you cause an accident. Any other vehicles that are damaged or people that are injured will be covered by your insurance policy, as you most likely do not have enough money in your savings account to pay for all of that on your own.

If you found yourself in such a position, you will most likely find that the state is going to require proof of your future insurance policies for a certain amount of time if you want to continue to drive. This is to make sure that you are not going to be back in the same situation again. It is also to protect all of the other drivers on the road. 

You Are Returning To Driving After Having Your License Revoked

Whatever the reason was for having your driver's license revoked, you will find that you may have to meet certain qualifications upon getting your license back. One of those qualifications for driving with your own vehicle again may be that you need to get SR22 insurance so the state can be notified that you indeed have insurance and they will be notified should you ever stop paying for your insurance.

With those things in mind, it should be much easier for you to now understand why you might be required to have SR22 insurance.