Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Auto Insurance Rep

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Auto Insurance Rep

22 June 2016
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If the idea of working as an auto insurance representative has always interested you, it might be time to make the switch from your current career. Insurance reps earn a median base salary of more than $35,000 per year, but it's also possible to earn commissions that can increase your take-home pay substantially. This is a career in which a number of specific traits can help you find success and help you realize that your job switch was a wise decision. Before you start to browse training programs and job openings in your city, some honest consideration about your personal traits can indicate whether you have what it takes to succeed as an auto insurance rep. Here are some points to consider.

Calmness When Dealing With People

When you work as an auto insurance rep, you'll often be dealing with customers who are needing to make a claim. Whether they've been in an accident or their vehicle has been vandalized, they'll often be upset when they call you. While you need to focus on obtaining all the specifics related to their claim, it's also ideal if you have a calm demeanor that can defuse the moment. The best auto insurance agents are those who work calmly and confidently with their upset client, clearly sending the message that the situation is under control and that it will be rectified in the client's best interest.

High Degree Of Attention To Detail

The success of an auto insurance claim can rely on the accuracy of the claim paperwork, so it's important that you're a person who is highly meticulous. You need to be able to ask a series of important questions without making any omissions and ensure that what you write down in the claim is precisely reflective of what the customer is telling you. The last thing you want is to mistakenly omit something in the claim process and have the claim delayed as a result.

Ability To Skilfully Switch From Task To Task

An auto insurance rep will often have a fast-paced workday in which he or she helps a number of clients, moving quickly from case file to case file. For example, you might begin your day by working on a client's application or renewal, and then get a call after a customer has been in an accident. You'll need to be able to jump from task to task skilfully, making sure that you're not leaving any loose ends before you move to the next project.

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