5 Tips For Getting Cheaper Homeowners Insurance

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5 Tips For Getting Cheaper Homeowners Insurance

14 June 2016
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Home insurance protects your house from the unexpected, but it is not always inexpensive. Certain factors, such as your credit score and the condition of your home, can affect your rates. If you make some changes, however, it is possible to spend less on your premiums. Here are five helpful tips for getting cheaper homeowners insurance:

Make Your Home Disaster Resistant

The more disaster resistant your home is, the less risk you are to the insurance company. For example, if there are a lot of storms in your area, it may be worth it to invest in storm shutters. Making updates to your home will cost you some money, but you can save more money on home insurance costs over the years.

Raise Your Credit Score

Your credit history can affect many aspects of your life, including how much you pay for home insurance. If you have a low credit score, insurance companies might think you are more likely to make claims. If you make more than the minimum payment on your credit cards and avoid obtaining more credit than you need, you can improve your credit score.

Improve Your Home's Security

Increasing your home's security will not just give you a peace of mind; it can also lower your insurance premiums. If you install an alarm system in your home, burglars will be less likely to break into your home, which will make your insurance company feel better. If they know your home is secure, they may offer you a discount.

Take Your Dog to Obedience School

If you own an aggressive dog breed, like a pit bull or Rottweiler, you may get charged more for your home insurance. However, if you take your dog to obedience school and prove to the insurance company that he is well-behaved, they may lower your rates.

Get Rid of Your Trampoline

A trampoline might be a great entertainment piece for your kids, but it can make your home insurance more expensive. If someone comes over to jump on your trampoline and gets hurt, your insurance company will be held liable. Getting rid of the trampoline can prevent injuries and save you money.

Home insurance does not have to make you broke. If you follow these helpful tips, you can pay less for home insurance very month. Do not be afraid to ask your insurance agent about other discounts you may qualify for. Visit http://www.unitedsecurityagency.com for more information.