Three Tips For Golden Insurance Rates For Senior Drivers

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Three Tips For Golden Insurance Rates For Senior Drivers

13 June 2016
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For different reasons, auto insurance rates change with age. Therefore, you need to know what to do at any particular age to get the best rates. If you are a senior driver, use these three measures to minimize your rates:  

Update Your Driving Skills

Taking a senior driving class may help you reduce your auto insurance premiums. The assumption is that it has been long since you invested in learning how to drive, and you may have lost some of your early skills. This can easily happen, for example, if you took your driving classes as a teenager and you are now in your early sixties. It may even be possible that new driving challenges, such as more complicated intersections, have been introduced since you last attended a driving class.

A mature driver course teaches you different valuable lessons, such as driving in traffic and using the latest safety equipment. Since taking and passing such a course makes you a better driver, and your insurer may reward you with a discounted rate. Since acceptable courses vary by state, confirm the ones recognized by your insurer before enrolling.

Join A Retires Club

Many clubs and associations reward their members with discounted insurance rates. Some associations have partnered with auto insurance carriers for a win-win partnership; the associations' members get discounted rates, and the insurers get loyal clients.

As a senior member of the society, you may even have access to associations and clubs that younger drivers do not have. A good example of such an organization is the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).    

Prove Your Low Driving Mileage

Finally, you can benefit from lower rates if you can prove to your insurer that your annual mileage is far lower than what it used to be. Many seniors don't drive as much as they used to drive in their younger days. You may be in such a situation, for example, if you have retired or no longer drive to work or just don't go out as much as you used to. You can even have your car hooked up with a telematic device, which monitors your mileage (among other driving behaviors); some insurers use the devices to reward drivers with low mileage and good driving habits.

As usual, you need to do your research widely to maximize these benefits. For example, you can compare the senior organizations and chose one that offers the highest discount. Talk to your insurance agent for further ways of lowering your insurance premiums.