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When was the last time you evaluated your budget? A few months ago, I took a good, hard look at my finances, and I realized that I was spending a boatload on insurance premiums. I knew that I needed to cut down my spending, so I started talking with my insurance agent. The agent was incredibly kind and caring, and he walked me through a variety of hypothetical scenarios to help me to make things right. I was really impressed with how awesome the experience was, and I was able to save a lot of money on my premiums. This blog is all about reducing insurance costs.


3 Important Things To Know About Insuring A Classic Or Exotic Car

23 November 2022
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Individuals who own classic cars may want to have their vehicles insured under special insurance policies. Classic car insurance is an insurance product that offers coverage for vintage, rare, and exotic vehicles. These policies are not a good fit for everyone who has vehicles that fall into those categories. Additional requirements are required to get classic car insurance. Some individuals may qualify for this type of coverage, but they may choose to keep their vehicles covered under traditional auto insurance policies. Read More …

Do You Know About How Your Home Insurance Personal Property Coverage Works?

17 October 2022
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Have you purchased home insurance to protect your home in case of an emergency? If so, you'll definitely want to know how it works with protecting all of the things inside your home. Here are the basics of how your personal property coverage works.  Know The Monetary Limit On Coverage Your home insurance isn't necessarily going to cover everything that is in your home. That's because you are insured for a certain amount of damage up to a specific amount of money, which is typically based on a percentage of the dwelling coverage. Read More …

4 Times You Should Hire A Public Adjuster

7 September 2022
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Public adjuster services are available whenever someone wants a second opinion regarding an insurance claim. Given the insurance company will send its own adjuster, you might wonder why you should also invest in one. Folks confronted with these four problems should ask a public adjuster to look at their claims. High Values at Stake One of the simplest reasons for getting your own adjuster is that there is lots of money at stake. Read More …

Are You An Insurance Adjuster? Tips To Help Streamline Your Processes

21 July 2022
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Insurance adjusters handle claims of various sizes across many different sides of the industry. Some adjusters inspect houses after the insured party files a claim to determine how much compensation to offer, while others deal with things such as cars, rental houses, and various forms of property. The profession requires a sharp mind and if you've worked in the field for a while, you are probably used to doing most of the work using your brain and hands. Read More …

3 Ways To Save Money On Car Insurance When You’re A Safe Driver

21 June 2022
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Whether you have a loan on your car or you own it entirely, you may feel frustrated over how expensive your car insurance is. Reducing the expense of your car insurance can be easier when you're a safe driver, but the savings may not come automatically. Instead of having concerns about how costly your insurance is each month, consider the following ways to reduce costs by being a safe driver.  Read More …