Do You Know About How Your Home Insurance Personal Property Coverage Works?

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Do You Know About How Your Home Insurance Personal Property Coverage Works?

17 October 2022
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Have you purchased home insurance to protect your home in case of an emergency? If so, you'll definitely want to know how it works with protecting all of the things inside your home. Here are the basics of how your personal property coverage works. 

Know The Monetary Limit On Coverage

Your home insurance isn't necessarily going to cover everything that is in your home. That's because you are insured for a certain amount of damage up to a specific amount of money, which is typically based on a percentage of the dwelling coverage. This means that a larger home that is worth more money will have more personal property coverage, which makes sense because the home itself is bigger. Most people find that this amount of personal property coverage is more than enough to cover all their belongings, so it is not something they have to worry about.

However, there can be limits on certain things in your home up to a specific amount. This is often the case with jewelry, artwork, firearms, and other things that can be quite expensive if they were to be stolen or damaged and need to be replaced. You'll need to buy additional insurance to cover these items that go above the limit. 

Know How Replacement Coverage Works

When something does become stolen or damaged, it's important to know how it will work to replace that item. It is common for home insurance to pay for the replacement of a similar item if you were to buy it new today. This means that if your couch was destroyed in a house fire, you would be able to buy a new couch that is similar to the one you had. A couch would be replaced with a similar loveseat, not necessarily the exact same loveseat.

It's really important to understand how this applies to expensive electronics. An older laptop doesn't have to be replaced with the exact same model, but what the equivalent of a new laptop would be today. Technology is one area where there can be a big distinction between different models, so know that you are protected. 

Know How To Cash Out Personal Property

You don't have to replace everything that was damaged or stolen in a home if you do not want to. You will actually be given a depreciated amount for items if you decide to not replace them, and you'll then be given the full amount of their value if you do replace them. This prevents people from having to buy back everything in their home if they do not need to.

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