Lesser-Known Ways To Reduce Your Auto Insurance

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Lesser-Known Ways To Reduce Your Auto Insurance

21 June 2016
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Many people talk about things like shopping around for better rates and improving your driving record as ways to get better insurance rates. But here are some things that you might not have thought of yet for getting great auto insurance prices. 

Reduce Your Driving Hours

There are many potential factors that car insurance companies will consider when giving you auto insurance rates. One thing you may see on your intake questionnaire is a question about how many hours you drive per year. Many auto insurance companies have mileage thresholds, so that the car insurance rate is bumped up if you drive past a certain number of miles per year. After all, more time spent behind the wheel equals more chances for them to take on risk. 

But you can find ways to honestly reduce this number below their thresholds. Consider asking your auto insurance company what their mileage thresholds are and reducing your driving by taking public transportation occasionally or splitting the miles more evenly between vehicles and/or drivers. 

Reconsider Your Vehicle

Even if you are a prime candidate for low insurance rates, you may be driving a vehicle that makes higher rates necessary. For instance, larger SUVs may cause more damage to other vehicles when they are in a collision; the insurer must therefore charge a premium. Newer cars can also be more expensive to insure, since they haven't had any time to depreciate and it would cost the insurer a lot of money to replace the vehicle with a similar make and model. 

If you really need to reduce your auto insurance rates, you might want to consider getting a smaller or older car. It can also help to consult the safety crash ratings for your vehicle, since the safety of the vehicle can affect rates. You might want to try getting quotes for different types of cars, so that you can see how drastic of a difference the car model could make. 

Drop Your Collision Coverage

If you are already driving an older vehicle and taking advantage of the insurance breaks, then the next resort would be to drop your collision coverage. You won't get much of a payout for cosmetic damages to your vehicle, but if it's on its last legs anyway, this can be another easy way to save money. 

By taking advantage of these less-used means for reducing your auto insurance, you can make sure that more money stays in your pocket as you enjoy great insurance coverage. 

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